Binay Saroop

Mortgage Solutions

A very special Thanks to Justin for the guidance & support, due to which I was able to save another Appraisal Fees Expenses for the clients. All of you the HVI Admin Team - Justin/ Daniel/Rob are extremely helpful & supportive.

Enoch Hwang

Matrix Mortgage Global

HVI is a pleasure to deal with every single time.

Paul Jardine

Optimum Mortgage

I'm sure I speak for the Agent when I say thank you for providing this at such last minute notice!

Rob B


On the first impression of our new web site launched Oct 16, 2017 Thanks again and seems to be more efficient. Have a nice one!

Chris Bison

HVI is one of the more professional appraisal firms that we deal with. They deliver on schedule and complete comprehensive home appraisal reports.

Howard Klien

Howard Klein Financial

I've used HVI for years. Very professional. They do an excellent appraisal and be counted on to do a great job.

Horace Dockery - Licence # M08007607

Thanks for your assistance in dealing with this matter your service and attention to my concerns were exceptional. Looking forward to continue working with you in completing my brokerage's appraisals. Best Regards, HORACE DOCKERY, PRINCIPAL BROKER

Robert B


Gord;David Pabon;Derek Camastra;Damian Guiducci Hi Gord and Dave, I just want to recognize both Derek and Damian for their professionalism. Both Gentleman assisted me with 2 files this week with great explanations and information. Thanks.

Shawn Stillman, CPA, CA

Good Afternoon Gord, I just wanted to share my incredibly positive experience with Damian, he was so responsive I actually thought he was an owner of your company. He’s been a pleasure to work with and communication is terrific. I don’t do many Alt A deals, but given the two ordered in the past few weeks, I’ve been super impressed. Have a great weekend. Shawn Shawn Stillman, CPA, CA Mortgage Broker

Tej Dhaliwal

That’s great! Awesome — wow you guys are my official go-to. Damian, Daniel, and HVI — thank you! You too Rob! lol With kind regards, Tej Dhaliwal — Mortgage Agent

Suganthan Thavarajasingam

Obsidian Mortgage Corporation

Fast and Reliable! Mobile app, Web portal and SMS notifications available to track the orders. Simply amazing :).

Shervan Albert

Home Owner

Excellent service. Needed an appraisal done urgently. Someone came to my house 2 hrs after speaking to them over the phone. My appraisal and report was done within 8 hours ( on a Saturday). My assessor was very friendly. He went above and beyond. I am extremely glad my friend recommended this company. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends and family.


Morcan Financial Inc.

Of course you can go ahead and quote me on your website. I have been an agent for over 15 years and it is refreshing to have good experiences with appraisers and Derek was very personable and professional at the same time.

Lawrence Lau, Mortgage Agent

Thanks Katie and to Dave and everyone for the quick turnaround. HVI is always my number one choice.

Vilma Milanes

A satisfied home owner

To whom it may concern: I would like to give two big thumb's up for the kindness and very quick response of Mr. Avi DIPANKAR (CRA) when I called looking for immediate appraisal of my house as it is due for Renewal and needs an Appraiser Report before renewal and he did an excellent job. He came right away and submitted the Appraisal Report ahead of the due date, and that help me a lot. So I am giving him this COMMENDATION for his JOB WELL DONE TO ME. I can recommend him to my friends as well.

Susie Koturic

Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada

Oct 29 2018 Today, 12:09 PM I think Brokers/agents in the mortgage industry should be fully aware of the capabilities of appraisal companies like yourselves Without your company and staff my business would not thrive. Whenever a colleague asks to recommend a appraisal company (if lender/area approved) yours is the name I always give Susie


Home Owner

Thank you for your attendance in court. It was extremely helpful and saved me a lot of money in the end. The judge determined a buy-out number, to which I walked a cheque up to opposing counsel's office last week. I'm happy to say I own this home free and clear from my ex-husband! Thank you for playing a part in allowing this to happen. I really appreciate your time and wisdom. I will certainly recommend your services to friends in the future. Thank you Mike!

Rajesh Sharma, Principle Broker

SRS Capital Group Inc.

Thank you very much indeed for your help to get this appraisal completed on time, I must admit that you are the Best, you saved my life. Best Regards, Raj


Home Owner

I just had to write to you and share the wonderful news that MPAC has already reassessed our house - and brought the value from 2,617,000 down to 2,294,000!!! Effective Jan2020, so that should have a nice impact on our taxes this year as well. I can't believe that it happened so swiftly, and well before we start the work on the basement here. My excruciatingly detailed report was worth every minute of sweat 😂


I wanted to take a minute to tell you how amazing I think Amit is. He is always so helpful and kind/polite. Even though our industry can be very stressful, Amit never lets it show by being soooooo nice to all of us. He is a gem my friend and I hope he works at HVI forever. LOL. Let me know if I can write you a great review and mentioning him or how I can help bring light to his amazingness!

Paul Bellavia

PB Capital Mgmt Inc.

Paul Bellavia <pbellavia@pbcapital.ca> To:Gord Cc:PB Financial <info@pbfinancialinc.ca>;Tina Bellavia <tbellavia1@gmail.com> Thu 2022-09-29 1:05 PM We like to know who we are dealing with. Your appraisals are the fairest out there If we ever have questions we will reach out Thx Paul Bellavia, CPA PB Capital MGMT_horizontal_color

Jagdeep Dhugga

Mortgage Alliance AKAL Mortgages Inc.

Good afternoon Christian, Thank you for the appraisal report! Impressed by your speed and professionalism.

Afreen Khan

Good morning, Excellent, thank you so much! This is why I order through HVI, best service as always! Afreen Khan Portfolio Manager, Engaged Capital

Anthony Fogler

Sovereign Capital

We are big fans of HVI, you’re our preferred appraiser in southern Ontario.


Thank you so much both for the timely updates, and efficient service. This is by far the best appraisal transaction I’ve experienced in my career. I look forward to working with you in the future.