Full-Stack Laravel Developer

Home Value Inc. is looking for a Laravel developer to help with the deployment of a web application to a new server.

We currently have our own web application in place that is responsible for taking home appraisal orders from brokers. It has an admin dashboard that oversees all the orders and can assign them to a dedicated appraiser. The order goes through multiple statuses, and the broker/appraiser is updated every time the status is changed.

We have agreed to license out the entire codebase and application for another appraisal firm to make use of for themselves. It is essentially a copy/fork of our current codebase. We have already gone through the process of updating the branding to make a generic “white label” version. This version is ready to have the branding updated for this new company. After that, it needs to be deployed to a new server and hooked up to all the services that are used to allow the web application to operate (DigitalOcean, Domain setup, Mailgun, Pusher, Twilio, Forge, Envoyer, etc.)

The ideal candidate should have at least 4-5 years of experience working with Laravel and its surrounding ecosystem (Forge, Envoyer, Horizon, etc.). They should have experience deploying web applications to real servers and making sure everything works correctly in a production environment. Furthermore, the candidate should have the ability to work with clients and explain technical terms in a non-technical way. This is mostly an independent project, so the candidate should be comfortable taking ownership of the tasks to be completed.

Initially, you'll work with us and our current web developer to guide you through the codebase and get you up to speed. After that, you'll be responsible for setting up the codebase/application on a completely new server. You'll eventually transition into working with the company we licensed the application to. Depending on their needs, you can continue working with them to build out any new features that they desire.

This is a part-time/freelance opportunity and compensation is to be negotiated based on experience.

If interested, send an email to gords@hviappraisal.ca with your resume, and/or portfolio of any projects you've worked on.

Thank you!